How to connect a SAGE7 controller to the Internet
Configuring a SAGE7 for Wireless Internet

1) Power Up the RT300 FES Cycle, and allow the SAGE Controller to fully initialize (wait for the GO screen).

2) Tap the white square with the globe (bottom of the screen in the center).

3) Tap Show Wi Fi Manager

4) This should open a WLAN1 box.  Your network should show on the list if it is broadcasting its SSID.

5) If your network has (PREFERRED) next to it, then skip to step 10.  If it does not say preferred, go to step 6.

6) Highlight your network and hit CONNECT on the bottom.  This will open a wireless properties box.

7) If the settings ARE NOT OPEN and DISABLED for authentication and encryption, then your network has a password which you will need to know.  Contact us if you don't know the password.

8) If a password is required, remove the check mark for "The key is automatically provided", then type your password into the network key box.

9)  Hit OK to the window, or return on the keyboard.  It should now return to the WLAN1 screen and say (PREFERRED) next to the name.

10) Check that the STATUS (below the white box) now says CONNECTED to (your wireless network).

11) Tap IP Information (tab at the top), and confirm the IP address IS NOT a number.  If it is, then the settings you have entered are not correct.  Go to step 13.

12) If the IP address looks OK (hint... compare it to another device on the network... the first 6 numbers should be the same... like or, 10.10.xx.xx, etc) then hit OK to the window, and go to step 15.

13) If the IP address is a, or Status does not say connected, first try unplugging your wireless router, then the RT300, then plug the router power back in, then the RT300, and repeat steps 1 thru 11.

14) If you did step 13 with no success, on the WLAN1 screen hit ADVANCED, highlight your network, delete the network, then hit the OK at the bottom.  Repeat steps 4 thru 11, then contact us if the problem persists.

15) Congratulations on getting the RT300 on your wireless network!  We are almost there.  Now let's test to make sure your network has no additional restrictions on the RT300.

16) Ensure USE REMOTE DATABASE has a check mark in the box.  Ensure the drop down box is set to FTP, NOT HTTPS. Then hit the green check mark at the bottom of the window.

17) At the top of the screen hit SYSTEM, then Synchronize on the menu that pops down.

18) It should say Synchronizing, and list out what it is doing (Synchronizing time, time synchronized, uploading sessions, etc).  If it goes through all this with no problem, then you are all set and ready to use the RT300 online.

SAGE7, Wi Fi, Internet, Network, FTP, HTTP
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Andrew Barriskill
Andrew Barriskill
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